Why Carpet Cleaning Can’t Wait!


Carpet cleaning is an important process. Many people don’t even think about hiring a carpet cleaner, until they’re beginning to notice stains or discolouration… others will hire professional carpet cleaning London only when they’re approaching the end of their tenancy, or after home disasters such as building work or DIY gone wrong!

However, it’s not just the visible stains that are worth dealing with. When you book an experienced carpet cleaner, they’ll also be able to rid you of many of the invisible threats that hide within the weave of your carpet!

For example, carpets make the perfect haven for a wide variety of germs – offering warm, soft and dark conditions for these harmful bacteria to breed. They are easily spread as well, catching a ride on cushions, passing feet, or even your household pet.

It’s not just bacteria that you should be concerned about, though! Larger organisms such as bed bugs or fleas will find that your carpets provide the perfect habitat… and particularly if you have pets, you would most likely be shocked to discover just how many of these unpleasant parasites are hiding beneath your feet!

Of course, there is an effective solution at hand. When you book a dedicated carpet cleaner, you’ll be able to say goodbye to dirt and stains, germs and parasites alike! An experienced carpet cleaner will always make a point of cleaning the area prior to shampooing, using a heavy duty vacuum cleaner – this will remove the majority of dust and debris, but it is the next stage where the magic happens.

By injecting powerful shampoos and detergents deep into the weave of your carpet, your London cleaner will be able to effectively wipe out any unwanted stowaways! A final pass over the carpet with an industrial vacuum cleaner will then remove left over debris – including any tiny parasite eggs or larvae hidden amongst the fibres of your carpet.

So, don’t wait until you move out to get your carpets cleaned – look into it now, and ensure a safe and hygienic living space for both you and your family!

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