What You Should Know When Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner


Sooner or later there comes a time when you need to replace your favorite old vacuum cleaner with new but how to choose the right one especially with the restricted budget? There is such a large variety on the market of vacuum cleaners for domestic use, that even the most advanced vacuum cleaners users could be quite confused from the available models and their features.

Nevertheless there are couple of key points which are from essential importance when you are choosing what kind of vacuum cleaner to purchase.

1) Suction Power, motor power or air watts – no matter how some people call this it represents the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and shows more about its actual performances. In other words this is one of the most important measuring factors between two models as the higher is that number the more effective in dust, pile and dirt removing will be the vacuum cleaner.

2) Upright vs Cylinder – usually the main difference between two types is in their effectiveness on different type of floors and carpets. According to the professional London carpet cleaners upright vacuum cleaners are more effective for large spaces and thick carpets, like the cylinder are more suitable for wooden and hard floors as well as for fine carpets.

3) Bag vs Bagless – here the pros of bagless vacuum cleaners are certainly more that the cos not mentioning the fact that they are more powerful, don’t special maintenance etc. The only problem is that they are more expensive than the traditional bagged but anyway you will save that money from buying bags.

Most of the leading carpet cleaning companies in London are advising that sticking to those points when choosing will certainly help you a lot and will prevent you from buying totally useless or not suitable for your needs vacuum cleaner.

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