Panasonic’s Electric Carpet Another Step To Home Perfection


The conception of the cozy and clean home where you can relax after the busy day is what drives the entire interior industry forcing it to create all the tiny little things which could make our lives easier. One of the leading technological giants Panasonic joined the competition of innovations and home improvement years ago by presenting its electric carpet conception. In general the Panasonic’s electric carpet doesn’t look pretty different from the ordinary carpets which are in everyone’s’ houses but when it comes to quality, functionality and fabrics it has nothing in common with its carpet relatives. This little Panasonic creation could heat up to 46 C allowing you to adjust the temperature and keeping your feet warm and providing you with comfort.

According to Panasonic representatives company decided to take a basic conception and to implement it in something as simple as carpet is. However even though stepping on soft and hot carpet is such a pleasure especially in the cold days, the main problem still remains with the maintenance. Some of the owners of the leading cleaning companies in London are commenting that this absolutely revolutional innovation will totally change all the known carpet cleaning methods. Even the London domestic cleaners are bit frustrated of how the electrical carpet should be cleaned as using water will ruin the electrical installation and lead to electrical short circuit. From the other side dry cleaning is also that effective as it won’t be able to remove the settled dirt as efficiently as the steam cleaning. Currently Panasonic did not come up with the solution if this little inconvenience but this won’t stop the technological and interior freaks to buy their electric carpets.

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