Make a House Cleaning easier with Siri


If you are proud owner of latest versions of iPhone – 4s or 5 than probably Siri is your best friend. It should be admitted that this tiny Apple’s creation changed a lot and nowadays it is not only a part of everyone’s daily routine but a ringing bell which reminds all the important things.
So making Siri helping you with the boring house cleaning isn’t that difficult of course if you are not imagining how you iPhone could start cleaning which sounds more like a sci-fi movie and Apple certainly did not implement such functions to it yet. However there are couple of things you can use Siri for starting with make a cleaning schedule for a month. Take some of the expert regular cleaners in London who are using Siri as reminder when they need to clean, what should be cleaned and leaving notes if there are any special requirements for the cleaning. Sticking to this there is no way for you to forget about the house cleaning, neither to forget any corner in your home and leave it dirty.

Siri could even give you advises of what cleaning detergents you could use or recommend you the cleaning products which are using some of the leading providers of domestic cleaning services in London. Not the last your beloved Siri could make a special playlist and attach it to your cleaning task so once you start cleaning your London house your favourite music to help you get motivated and finish with this boring obligation faster.

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