End of Tenancy Cleaning – What a Disaster


When living on rent sooner or later comes the time to move out from one place to another, unfortunately this is usually related will a lot of stressful situations and without any doubts is pretty time consuming. In order to minimize the stress leading letting companies in London are advising that in many cases using move out experts and London end of tenancy cleaning companies will not only worth but will save you time and efforts. Speaking from that point of view many end of tenancy cleaners in London are commenting that trying to clean by your own could end into a real disaster.

Not rare are cases when by trying to save some money from referring to expert London regular cleaners many tenants are neglecting or not cleaning properly the property they are leaving and as a result landlords are keeping partially their deposits. In addition being unprofessional in cleaning could lead to usage of wrong cleaning materials, scratches on different surfaces, not cleaned enough corners and even serious damages on some carpets fibres. This for sure will end either in deposit dispute or loss of your full deposit.

In order to avoid all these disasters even some of the landlords include in the tenancy agreement a professional London end of tenancy cleaning services to take place at the end of the rental contract and this is a mandatory requirement. Furthermore even the letting agents are advising tenants not to take additional risks and just to call the professional regular cleaners in London instead of losing their deposit.

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