Are Men or Women More Preferred Candidates for Cleaners’ Job in London


It was a common believe in the past that cleaning is a part of the women household duties and men has nothing to do with this. However nowadays the situation is a bit different and men and women are not only good enough in cleaning but also are competitors when applying for the job of regular cleaner in London. With the current economic conditions, the rapidly growing market of the regular cleaning services and the new conceptions that both sexes are eligible for almost all types of jobs men and women are again on the battle field fighting to proving who is better at cleaning.

The statistic of one of the leading companies offering regular cleaning in London are showing that when it comes to carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning preferred applicants are actually men. This undoubtedly is a pretty interesting conclusion showing that in our modern society not only women are successfully concurring the world of business which used to be typically men filed but from the other side men are entering the women world by becoming cleaners.

So putting the focus of why men are more preferred applicants when it comes to upholstery, sofa and carpet cleaning in London? Couple of expert London domestic cleaners with many years of experience are explaining this not with any kind of discrimination but with the fact that sometimes the cleaning equipment is too big and heavy and it will be quite difficult for a woman to deal with it. From the other side they are pointing that when it comes to less straight consuming cleaning jobs women are still the best cleaners.

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