Are Eco House Cleaning Detergents Really That Eco


Although the conception of the eco-friendly products and cleaning detergents is gaining more and more support in the last couple of years no one is actually asking himself whether those substances really are that eco-friendly? It is not a secret that the producers of regular cleaning materials are spending thousands to convince people that the ordinary cleaning products they are buying to clean the ovens, windows, floors, bathroom or tiles are absolutely harmless but this is far from the reality.
Even though one of the biggest house cleaning companies in London are supporting such eco-friendly initiatives some of the experienced London cleaners working there are admitting that there are no natural substances which are capable to remove settled stains from the carpets or upholstery neither to clean kitchen appliances with all that grease on them.
The expert regular cleaners in London are advising people who are buying any kind of cleaning detergents to read very carefully the list of the ingredients as not rare are the cases when the aggressive chemicals used in some of the so called “eco-friendly” products could cause a serious skin irritation and even skin burns. So probably the only way for every housewife to ensure an eco-friendly London domestic cleaning of her house is to try to make her own cleaning detergents. Besides there are thousands of recipes of how to cook you own cleaning detergents which will have the same effect as the cleaning chemicals but contain only natural substances.
As a conclusion we could say to stop trusting to the expert producers of cleaning materials and providers of house cleaning in London and start reading what is behind the fancy looking bottles

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